Keeping kids healthy and in school

Dr. Rogé’s Corner


It is spring time but some of us are already thinking of summer activities for our children.

Every parent wants their children to have a healthy and safe experience.

Some of the potential risks and how to prevent them:


  • Unintentional injuries are the most common cause of disability and death in children after age one.
  • Your children must always wear the right protective gear when participating in risky activities (helmet when bicycling, for instance).
  • Your children must always be supervised by an adult when playing or swimming in water, even if they know how to swim or wear a lifejacket.

You can find very useful practical steps to prevent injuries in the CDC website under “Protect the ones you love.”

Heat Stroke: 

  • Remember that the temperature in a locked car can become extreme even if it is moderately high outside.  Never leave children unattended and locked in your car!
  • Heat stroke can occur in athletes, especially football players, even in moderate temperatures (80-90⁰).
  • Avoid exercise in extreme temperature (>104⁰).
  • Make sure your child is well hydrated before, during, and after any strenuous activities!
  • Discuss risk of exercise for your child with your health care provider if your child has a chronic health condition.
  • Avoid exercise if your child is usually healthy, but has an acute illness, especially if it causes loss of fluids (diarrhea, vomiting and fever).


  • Sun exposure can cause serious burns acutely but can also lead to serious or deadly skin cancer in the future. 
  • When outdoors, children must wear proper protective clothing and sunscreen on skin exposed to the sun.

For more details about preventing sunburns, read the American Academy of Pediatrics on-line article about Sun and Water Safety.